20 Foods That Increase Sex Drive

These foods are said to make things better in the bedroom!

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    This guy is wearing chocolate because he knows that women who have a small amount of chocolate every day enjoy happier sex lives!


    Oatmeal is said to increase circulation throughout the body, including "down there".


    Word is that honey increases Testosterone in men and metabolizes Estrogen in women. Win/Win!


    Garlic contains an ingredient that increases blood flow to sexual organs!
    Pro Tip: Take garlic capsules or it won't matter how much blood you get flowing!


    This "Food of the Gods", are said to be erotic because when opened they look like...well..we won't spoil it for you!
    But they are also high in Amino Acids, which are said to increase stamina and sex drive!


    Bananas are good for both sexes because they help turn carbs into energy. They also contain an enzyme that helps increase male libido and reverse impotency.


    Iceberg lettuce is said to activate sex hormones, while Arugula is believed to increase libido.
    What are you waiting for? Go toss that salad!


    It is believed that Oysters improve Dopamine levels, which boosts libido in both men and women.
    Bonus: Oysters also may help men with Testosterone production and healthier sperm. (!)


    While the couple in our photo seem to be skeptical, Strawberries are one of the many foods on our list that are a source of Zinc, which helps men produce testosterone and women get in the mood faster.
    Fun Fact: A guy can deplete his entire Zinc supply if he has sex 3 times in a day. Not that he'd complain...

    Pumpkin Seeds

    So tiny, but packed with ingredients that help in the bedroom, including Zinc, Vitamins B, C, D, E and K, and many minerals.
    Men: Helps with testosterone levels.
    Women: Can help increase sex drive and lubrication.
    No wonder these two are worshiping their pumpkin!

    Red Wine

    1-2 glasses of Red Wine is said to increase sexual desire in women (especially older women).
    Guys: When she looks at you like she's looking at that glass of wine, it's Go-Time!


    Helps with the production of histamine, which is thought to help sex drive in both men and women.
    Pro-Tip: Don't buy that limp asparagus in a can - Fresh is Best!


    Hey dude - celery doesn't just help cool the burn from those Hot Wings, it also helps you get lucky! Celery can help increase pheromone levels in your sweat, and will bring the ladies running! (yeah, we're having a hard time with this one, too)


    A U.S. study reportedly showed that 90% of men are more "active" after eating sauerkraut!


    Rich in Potassium and Folic Acid, Avocados can boost libido for men and women AND provide Stamina+Energy.
    Translated: They might put you in the mood for a *long* night of fun!


    A handful of berries (or a teaspoon of the seeds) daily can help both sexes increase libido and *endurance* in the bedroom!


    It's believed to increase blood flow, as well as increasing libido for the ladies!
    Warning: It may also give you Sasquatch Arms.

    Chili Peppers

    They contain Capsaicin, which is believed to trigger the release of endorphins that give you a libido increasing natural high.


    Watermelon contains a nutrient called Citruline and has been called "The New Viagra" due to its blood vessel relaxing effects.
    Not to quibble, but wouldn't it be more accurate to call Viagra "The New Watermelon"


    This guy loves his nuts - and for good reason! The fatty acids in Almonds are said to help with male hormone production.
    It's also rumored that the smell of almonds gets women aroused!