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If you want to impress your friends and family by wasting even MORE money on your wedding than the average person, here's a great new gratuitous way to blow three grand.


Four W Hotels in New York are offering a new service for weddings . . . a "social media concierge."  For just $3,000, here's what the social media concierge will do for you . . .


-Live-tweet your ceremony and reception.


-Post Instagram photos and Vine videos.


-Come up with a HASHTAG for your guest to use.


-Encourage guests to use that hashtag when they post to social media.


-Set up a wedding blog.


-Put together Pinterest boards with gift and honeymoon ideas to, quote, "inspire the couple."


-And put together a scrapbook for the couple featuring the best tweets and Instagram photos from the wedding.


Doesn't sound like it's worth $3,000 . . . or even $300. But if all that sounds like it's worth $3,000 to you, I'm sure you could find someone who'd be VERY happy to do it for your wedding. (Gawker)


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